Old growth new growth wood strength for wood windows

Better than new.

Your current windows are far more beautiful than any replacement window on the market today. We’ll maintain that architectural integrity you love and combine it with the best in new window technology. After our restoration process, your windows will retain their old world quality, look and work like new, and have the energy efficiency of modern windows. This is exactly why "they don't build them like they used to" is a massive understatement.

We take pride in our craftmanship.

We restore both residential and commercial properties and can restore any kind of pre 1960s wood window or door. We won’t compromise your architectural integrity. We maintain beauty and update windows with modern technology, including 4 different types of insulation, historically accurate modern operating hardware, and we can maintain your existing glass or replace it with historically accurate double panned glass that mimics an old world single pane. We also epoxy the wood, eliminate the need for reglazing down the road, restore or replace the locks and pulls and more. We even do screens and you’ll no longer need storm windows! Our process is approved by the strictest historical commissions all over the northeast. We restore well over a thousand windows every year and we hardly come across one beyond restoration. Our carpenters are highly trained, courteous, friendly, and neat. We clean up and guarantee our work – every time.

Windows to last a lifetime.

Once restored, your original windows will outlast new wood windows which are made of fast grown farmed wood that is simply not made to last. Many new “quality” wood windows carry only a 10 year limited warranty. Your old wood windows have already outlasted that by 10-15 times.

Before diagram of a window to be restored


After diagram of a restored window


Invisible Balance Operating Hardware

  1. Original wooden window and trim retained 100%
  2. Channel for balance system installed
  3. Double-pane Low-E Glass installed
  4. Invisible balance system installed in channel
  5. This clip is attached to side of window frame (jamboard) and makes sash go up and down.

We do not.

  • Shrink the size of the viewing or glass area, as do replacement windows.
  • Let in the cold or bugs. We do conversions 12 months a year. We’ll insulate your openings during your restoration project so you won’t have any heating or cooling loss.
  • Change the "look" of your home or building, or negatively affect the monetary or historic value.